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Collins DH 2018


Core components, DRW high headroom model 5 section. Standard floor with wheelwells , 76 interior headroom, 25 X78 entrance door, 96 overall width, all-galvanized-steel construction
A/C 70K ACT dual compressor, 2 fan, CS-2 skirt mount condenser, dash & EV20 in-wall evaporators, Chevy gas.
Battery OEM/RH Frame Chev Gas
Chassis Model Prep Dhev L/H500
Door, entrance, black aluminum frame with full-length tempered AS2 glass for SH/DH units
Door entrance control, manual with positive over-center locking handle in both open and closed positions, for glass doors, driver control panel mounted on post above handle.
Rear egress door, RH curbside hinge, aluminum construction, select glass rear door upper/lower separately.
Rear door hinge continuous stainless steel
Rear Door Latch single latch at center of door, with interior red handle and exterior web style non-hitching handle.
Child alert system; activates buzzer upon shutting off the bus if warning lights were previously activated. The buzzer shuts off by opening and closing the rear door, causes the driver to go to back of bus to assure all passengers have left.
Backup-alarm 112dBA that is activated upon placing the bus in reverse gear, wired through the ignition.
Chevy 500 exhaust thru/under the rear bumper gasoline
Endcaps fiberglass front and rear exterior for use without warning lights on DH commercial/MFSAB units
Exterior steel rear corner skins left and right, driprail and below emergency exit rear door for DH units
Exterior aluminum left and right roof skins for DRW 500 5section units
Exterior steel left and right side skins, behind and above driver skins for DH 500 5section units
Skirts, steel below body panels for std floor DH500 with AC
Storage/Battery Box, steel skirt
Fuel fill hinged door cover with locking latch and key, Painted Body Color
Entrance step drivers side, Chevy, bright aluminum diamond tread, includes flat mud flap on passenger side.
Flooring gray rubber, 1/8 smooth rubber under seats, 3/16 ribbed center aisle rubber 15 wide.
Flooring step treads, DRW standard and elevated floor models, gray pebble tread with integral white pebble nosing.
Cover tops of interior wheel well with flooring material with a black elastomer side trim cover, fits dual rear wheel wheelwells
Heater 60K floor mount for Chevy units placed IN RIGHT HAND REAR CORNER OF BUS, includes 2 shutoff valves, BLEEDER VALVE
Interior panels below window, embossed aluminum, standard floor 500 units.
Interior panels upper, smooth aluminum painted white for DRW 500 units.
Grabrail 42 long 1 1/4 dia. stainless, mounted left of entry on RH barrier, designed to prevent entanglement Passes NHSTA string and nut test
Mirror interior clear view back bonded glass, rounded corners and protected edges, 6 x 16 flat. Installed above drivers head on front bulkhead. Interior mirror providing the driver a clear view of interior and rear exit door.
Vandal lock, permits manual lock of rear emergency door from inside while bus not in use, with buzzer. Engine will not start until lock is disengaged, warning buzzer will activate to alert driver lock is engaged.
Brake/tail lights LED with separate license plate light, 2 4 flush mount
Brake/tail lights, 2- 7 Incandescent
Clearance lights LED type; row of three red lights on rear of bus and single reds on left & right rear, row of three amber lights on front of bus with single ambers on left and right front sides. Lights are low profile grommet mount.
Four domelights are powered through the ignition, will only function when ignition is turned on and dome light switch is on.
Drivers dome light tied to OEM drivers door open circuit, comes on when drivers door is open, will time itself out when door is shut.
Lamps, turn signal amber rear 7 incandescent
Lamps, backup white 2 4 flush mount LED
Lights, stepwell lights are wired ignition hot and are illuminated whenever the DOD is opened.
Warning lamps, none
Remote Heated Rearview and Crossview mirror system w/ black bracketry for GM DRW buses. ROSCO AccuStyle 8 x15 dual Rearview mirror incl. 7 x9.5 flat and 7 x4 convex mirror glass, with Heated EyeMax LP Crossview mirrors.
Headknockers to comply with FMVSS 222; foam pads covered with gray fire block upholstery.
Paint body exterior white, Chevy DH/DE buses.
Radio AM/FM/Bluetooth/Aux/clock, includes antenna and two speakers. For Chevy units.
Rubrails, floor level side rubrails that wrap around the rear of the bus to the emergency door, 4.6 tall X 16 ga steel.-WHITE
Rubrails, seat level side rubrails that wrap around the rear of the bus to the emergency door, 4.6 tall X 16 ga steel.-WHITE
Triangle warning reflectors set of three .
Fire extinguisher, 2-1/2 lb., 1A 10 BC. steel head , may only be mounted near entrance door.
Body fluids kit
Barrier, 39 left hand high back with medium gray fire block upholstery, leg at 27 position.
Barrier, 39 right hand high back with medium gray fire block upholstery, no welting, leg at 27 position.
Seat, 39 left hand, three passenger with lap belts, with medium gray fireblock vinyl upholstery, no welting. Orange, gray, and red belts. Leg at 27 position.
Seat, 39 right hand, three passenger with lap belts, with medium gray fireblock vinyl upholstery, no welting. Orange, gray, and red belts. Leg at 27 position.
Window Transition Chevy glass, AS2 tempered clear glass
Window Split Sash 36 with AS3 Tempered 26% Tinted Glass, providing an unobstructed 12 x 28 opening when upper sash is lowered.
Window Split Sash 36 RH and LH Vertical Egress Hinge, Release Handle, Buzzer, Interior/Exterior Signage, and White Exterior Reflective Tape.
Undercoat body components except within 12 of the exhaust system, heat shields, or driveshaft.
Warranty, standard limited body, covers body shell, structure, seat structure for 5 YR/100K MI, manufacturer s components for 2 YR/24K MI, other components 1 YR/12K MI. Excludes corrosion due to road chemicals. See warranty policy for full details.
Bumper 10 x 3/16 aluminum channel DRW, wrap around extending forward at least 12 with protecting end caps, for use with exhaust pipe routed under the bumper or to the side.
Bumper Brace to attach to frame side, DH 400/500 and DE/DH 416 models, all Gas and Diesel exhaust systems.
Fuel system protection and preperation for Chevy gas chassis standard floor 139 WB
– First Aid Kit
– Graphics
– PDI & Make Ready – MFSAB (DRW)

Telephone: 800-572-6959
Condition New
Make Collins
Fuel type GAS
Interior Color GRAY
Wheelchair 0
Capacity 30
Location Manchester, NH
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